Cutting-edge Utility

The FixxFi NFT is an innovative and decentralized way to bring more value to our most loyal investors by purchasing the $FIXX tokens via the token sale rounds, the investors will obtain one of a kind NFTs which come with a cutting-edge utility.
This is a NFT with real world connections: an innovative and decentralised approach modernising the traditional "dividend" system. The fund will be benchmarked against a percentage of the company profits to determine the pool size and will be introduced in the future, in order to expand the core service first. NFT holders will be able to access to an exclusive staking model where the NFT holders can deposit the official FixxFi NFT in a smart contract and receive rewards in the form of the FIXX token, which are distributed based on the number of NFTs in staking and their rarity type. The staking reward allocation (50,000,000 FIXX) of this single-stake pool has its own 1-year linear emission schedule, meaning it is not shared with any other pool or farm.


The FixxFi NFT has been introduced to bring more value to our early investors and incentivize fundraising. NFTs are divided into different types and allow the holders, depending on the latter, to access different services and incentives.
The larger the investment during the token sale, the higher the NFT type available will be, to get whitelisted for the free NFT mint.
In order to get whitelisted for the free NFT mint, the FIXX investor has to purchase FIXX token throughout the token sale and depending on the investment made, will get specific NFTs, of which are cumulative. The qualification criteria for a NFT is through a singular transactional investment.
Were you holding 500,000+ FIXX on July 18th, 2022 at 6 pm UTC? Check this snapshot to know if your address is already eligible for free NFT mint.
The maximum supply will be 750 items (no further NFTs will be minted in the future). In the scenario where not all NFTs are minted, the remainder will be burned resulting in an even scarcer supply and greater revenue share and rewards.
KYC will be mandatory for NFT holders who want to participate in the share of the profit-pool, this does not affect other NFT mechanisms. (buy, sell, transfer, staking, etc.)