✨Web3 Vision

In keeping with FixxFi’s philosophy of being a Fintech disruptor, we aim to do the same in Web3 by bridging the off-chain/on-chain divide and making blockchain an integral part of our ecosystem. Our long-term goal is to create an integrated ecosystem with solutions and services that complement FixxFi by improving the user experience and offering more features to the user.

The ability to use smart contracts to create intelligent services and to use the blockchain to create value, keep an updated public ledger, will allow FixxFi to focus on creating decentralized applications (dApps). The process will be gradual, fostering sustainable growth. Each implementation will be carefully studied, with criteria inserted, and that will be compatible with existing services.

The problems that FixxFi addresses as a real-world utility solution, will help attract large numbers of users to the mobile app. These users will be accompanied through an educational path to understand the possibilities within this sector.

The FixxFi app will be the access point for all future services and the goal is to create a user-friendly ecosystem that can satisfy the needs of even the most inexperienced users through a simple UI/UX, allowing them to interact with the crypto world in a simple and intuitive way without having to have a thorough knowledge. This system is self-sustainable and will fuel its growth. In this way FixxFi will have the role of gateway between off-chain to on-chain.

The endgame for FixxFi is building a DeFi protocol to be taken cross-chain.

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