Lending Marketplace

One of the aims of FixxFi's platform is to create a private-lending marketplace, enabling investors to directly finance those who are looking for a credit line for their repair fund. FixxFi’s platform will enable holders of crypto assets to deposit their stablecoins into a fund, that can be used by the customers of FixxFi, to finance their repairs. This depositor liquidity to the repair market, will earn investors a passive income through the interest rates charged to the FixxFi costumer (in this case a borrower) and sent back to the liquidity fund.

This service will be available on-chain only but with the growth of the off-chain business we will create a secondary service (i.e. DeFi-to-CeFi bridge) that will bridge the off-chain demand with on-chain supply, making FixxFi the very first for this kind of a project to accomplish such a high abstract level of interoperability.

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