Corporate Stablecoin/s

The second step is to create and issue native corporate stablecoin/s backed by fiat currency 1:1, which will be unique stablecoin/s that will be backed by off-chain demand and revenues through FixxFi’s real-world utility. This will set a precedent, a practical use of stablecoins outside of the crypto space. Usually, the demand of stablecoins comes only from within the crypto world, generally for web3 projects. With FixxFi this will not be the case, as we will allow people to pay with our crypto payment solution for real-world utilities with our business partner network.

Due to the market where FixxFi operate will also incentives the usage of EUR stablecoin and GBP stablecoin which now are not adopted in the crypto market. Together this will encourage customers and business partners to embrace this new innovative system, underlining the role of FixxFi as a visionary service. The growth potential of the web3 combined with the potential of this service will make FixxFi one of the protagonists in the mass adoption of crypto.

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